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Samcedes Week -> Day Three: Vacation

Lakeside Love

Mercedes Jones threw her last two bags in the trunk before hopping into the front seat, sitting shotgun. Her fiance Sam Evans, threw his single duffle bag into the back and shook his head when he saw her four. He rounded the corner and took his seat on the driver’s side. He inserted the car key into the ignition, warming up the car before turning to his right and placing a sloppy kiss on his girl’s cheek. Mercedes feigned disgust as she wiped away his kiss.

Sam chuckled before he spoke. 



"We’re only going away for the weekend. I thought I told you to pack light"

Mercedes looked over at him in mock annoyance. “What’re you talking about? I packed as light as I could.”

"Four bags though? Four duffle bags? That’s as light as you could go?”

"Yes,” she huffed. “I like to be prepared, thank you very much. You never know what you’ll need up in them woods."

Sam regarded her, amused. He reached across the gear shift and took her hand. “Them woods happen to be my father’s lakehouse. And it’s also where I’ll be taking my lovely fiance and girlfriend of six years for her much needed vacation.”

Mercedes reached up and stroked his cheek with the back of her palm.

“Six years huh?”

“Yup,”Sam took her hand and placed it to his lips.

“Has it really been that long?”

“Mhmm…,” he murmured as he kissed the back of her other palm.

The couple had been dating since high school. Now as Sam was finishing up his college degree in music business, they’d finally got the chance to spend some quality time together.

She made eye contact with his piercing sage eyes as a naughty grin came across his features.

"It’s also where we’ll be spending quality couple time and where I’ll be taking care of my baby’s every need,” he spoke the last two words with emphasis.

"Every need?," Mercedes repeated.

Every. Need,” he replied in a husky whisper oozing of want and desire. He kissed her lips in between each word.

The young couple exchanged a passionate kiss. They smiled at each other on the release, anxious to get on the road so they could finish what they’d started in the car. Sam put the car in drive and triumphantly bellowed “And we’re off!” as Mercedes giggled.


“We’re here,” Sam gently nudged Mercedes who’d fallen asleep on the drive up. She rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms before taking a look around. They’d arrived at the lake house around 3:00pm. Mercedes got out of the car and took in the scene before her. The warm sun shone down on the cerulean lake. It glistened as the sun’s rays reflected off its waves. A flock of birds flew overhead as a gentle breeze passed through the forest.

“Oh my god! This is so beautiful, Sammy!” 

Sam grinned at his girlfriend as he shut his door. He walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist, observing it with her.“Told you you’d like it.”

Mercedes looked back and smiled up at him. She had to admit, it was a lot better than what she’d expected. When he proposed they go camping for their vacation, she wasn’t happy with his suggestion. The idea alone frightened her as she entertained thoughts of bears and mountain lions and other ferocious woodland creatures creeping into her tent. She also wasn’t a fan of insects nor was she particularly fond of not being able to take a shower and being off the grid, so when Sam suggested they go to the lake house, she readily agreed. Now as she looked around and witnessed the natural beauty of the landscape, she was even more happy that she did.

Sam nuzzled his nose into the crook of her neck and breathed in her scent before carefully placing gently kisses there.“Why don’t you go inside and relax? I’ll bring our stuff in.”

She turned around and embraced him, bringing her lips up to meet his, before she told him ‘Okay.’ Mercedes grabbed her purse from the car and headed inside the house. 

Once inside, she eagerly began to explore. Like its exterior, the inside of the house was very rustic. The smell of pine tickled her nose as she walked through the foyer. When she stepped into the living room, she breathed a sigh of approval. A giant fireplace stood in the center of the room and a long beige couch with a red throwover and several fluffy cushions was opposite it. There was a  coffee table that looked custom designed made of beautiful rosewood. Six acoustic guitars lined the wall near the window and potted plants decorated the corners of the room.

The mantle of the fireplace had several trinkets and souvenirs from family trips interspersed with pictures of the Evans family. There was one of Sam and his siblings grinning widely as they held up the trout they’d each caught. There was another of a gap toothed Stacy sitting on the cabin porch swing holding up the peace sign. There was also one of the entire family sitting on the dock. Mercedes’ smile grew as she observed more and more pictures of happy family moments. She stopped when she came across one of a prepubescent Sam sitting on a tree stump intently strumming his guitar, surrounded by members of his family and other members of the resort. She stroked the photo lovingly. Her fiance still got that look of intense focus whenever he played his guitar. It brought her great joy to see that Sam, the love of her life, hadn’t changed one bit.

She took one last look around the room before moving on. She continued to explore the home, peering into each room. She’d determined that aside from the living room, kitchen and dining room, the house was made up of two bathrooms, four bedrooms and a spacious den. All the rooms contained the same rustic overtones with various quaint accents. All were very cozy and inviting. She settled down in the master bedroom once she was done exploring but found that she was no longer tired. She contemplated briefly on what to do instead when a naughty smile came across her lips. Mercedes had a plan.


Sam brought the last bag in before he stepped into the kitchen for some water. He grabbed a glass and turned on the tap and drank until his thirst was quenched. He breathed in the familiar smell of the house and it brought back so many memories of his childhood. Like the time he and his father went hiking in the mountains. Or the time he took Stacy canoeing for the first time. But he was especially fond of the times when his parents would hold barbecues and their friends from all over the resort would come over to have some of his father’s gourmet burgers and mother’s homemade desserts.

His stomach rumbled angrily at the memory. Realizing how hungry he was, he moved to the fridge to find something satisfactory. The fridge was empty. So were the cupboards and the pantry in the den.He smacked himself on the head when he realized that he hadn’t stocked the place. He silently cursed himself before yelling up to Mercedes, “Babe, I’m gonna run out to the store and grab some food. We’re all out.” When he heard a response from Mercedes, he grabbed his keys and headed to the store.


Mercedes scurried around the room, eager to use her fiance’s errand time to her advantage. She flew into the adjoined bathroom and took a shower. She wanted to be fresh and clean for her man. When she was done, she stepped out of the bathroom and lathered her body in her tropical nectar lotion. She grabbed her towel and ran downstairs to retrieve her red leopard print nightdress and matching bathrobe from one of her bags. Once she’d slipped them on, she turned to the bed and began fluffing the pillows. When she was done, Mercedes positioned herself in the center of them. Once in a comfortable position, she tidied her bangs and swept her locks over her shoulder. Satisfied, she smiled to herself. She was ready.


When he was done with his errand, Sam returned home. He put the car in park and began to carry the bags inside all at once. He didn’t want to waste anymore of the precious time he had with his girl. “Mercedes, I’m back,” He yelled as he closed the door behind him with his leg. His hands were full.

He heard no response so he called again.


Still nothing.

Assuming she’d fallen asleep again, he decided to let her take her rest. As soon as he was finished, he would join her.

Sam moved into the kitchen and began putting the food away. Once everything was in its rightful place, he grabbed one of his bags and headed up the stairs to the master bedroom. He yawned as he entered the room, closing his eyes to wipe away the moisture that had filled his eyes. When he opened them again, he immediately dropped his bag.

“Hello Sammy,” Mercedes crooned seductively.

Sam watched as Mercedes slowly crawled to the edge of the bed and beckoned him with her index finger. He wasted no time in closing the distance between them. When he met her, he reached down and placed his index finger under her chin, tilting her head up and hungrily kissing her. She reached her hands below grasping his belt buckle. Swiftly, she undid the buckle and hastily began unbuttoning his pants. Sam groaned as she reached into his open jeans and started a slow, gentle stroke to his throbbing member. He deepened the kiss as he placed his hands firmly on her shoulders. Mercedes untied her robe as he slipped his fingers under its fabric and slowly removed it from her body. He climbed out of his jeans and gently guided her onto her back before positioning himself on top of her.

Sam brought their lips together again as his strong capable hands began to run up and down her sides. He carefully began to caress each and every one of her curves. Mercedes wrapped her legs around his waist as she played with the hem of his t-shirt. Her fingers slipped up and under the shirt and she began to run her hands across his rock solid muscles. When she started tugging at the bottom of the shirt, Sam released her and quickly pulled it over his head. Once the garment was off, he assumed his position between her legs.

He cupped her left breast and pinched her nipple as he kissed her, hoisting her glorious thighs into the air. She moaned into his kiss as he began to grind his pelvis into her. Her breathing began to shorten and her heart quickened. Her center was throbbing with need. She rolled out from under him and aggressively pushed him onto his back. She giggled when he looked up at her in surprise. Mercedes swung her legs over Sam’s, positioning herself on top of him before leaning down for a kiss. Sam raised his head and met her halfway, leaning on his elbows. He reached his up and under her night dress, gently playing with her chest, stroking her nipples with his thumbs. Mercedes raised her hands to make it easier for him to slip it off of her. Once it was removed, he flipped them over and placed Mercedes onto her back once more.

He sat back for a moment in admiration of his girl’s curves. He felt like the luckiest man in the world.

"Babe, come here," she cooed, welcoming him to share her body. He grinned at her before taking her right nipple into his mouth. He worked his tongue in a circular motion around it adding light pressure with his teeth. Mercedes ran her fingers through his hair as she enjoyed the sensation on her chest. Sam moved expertly between both mounds, caressing and caring for them equally. He moved slow and carefully ensuring that the strokes of his tongue and the touch of his hand were meeting his girl’s every need. Just like he promised. It’d been awhile since they last had sex and his desire for her was at its peak. The thought of slipping his throbbing penis inside her tight, warm hole was making him harder by the second.

He reached up to her lips, pulling her in for another kiss and began grinding his hips into her center once more. Mercedes rocked her hips to his rhythm. With each thrust, the ache between her legs began to build and build. They continued like that in a similar fashion until Mercedes simply couldn’t take it anymore. In desperation she cried out, “Sam, I need you inside me!”

He wasted no time slipping off his boxers as she wriggled out of her sheer black underwear. Sam brought the garment to his face and breathed in the scent of her arousal. She was so ready. He reached over to the bedside table and slipped on a condom before plunging deep inside  her. They both groaned with pleasure as he sunk deep within her. He moved painstakingly slow at first, testing out her heated core. He’d missed this so much. She gripped his bicep, urging him to move faster. He obliged and picked up the pace. Mercedes bit her bottom lip seductively as she gazed up at him. He knew exactly what she was doing. She knew how crazy that action drove him.

He began to move faster within her, diving deeper and deeper with every thrust. Her eyes rolled back and fluttered closed as she grew closer and closer to her climax. Sam could feel his orgasm threatening to release, but he wanted Mercedes to get her pleasure first. He kicked his pace into yet another speed and began pounding mercilessly into her. When she couldn’t take it anymore, Mercedes cried out as orgasm overtook her. She tightly gripped his body to hers as she trembled from the pleasure. Feeling her pussy walls clenched tightly around his penis, Sam let out a low growl as he finally released into her. He slowly continued to move in and out of her as they both came down from their highs.

Slipping out of her, he leaned down to her dripping center and hungrily lapping up the product of their lovemaking. He crawled back up until he met her lips and they shared a passionate kiss. Mercedes caressed his face and he turned slightly to the side to kiss the inside of her palm.

Sam positioned his body behind her and pulled the blanket on the bed over them. Settling into a spooning position, he wrapped his arms over her waist. She snuggled closer to him and took his hand in hers, interlocking their fingers.

“I love you Sam” 

“I love you too, Babe,” came his reply.

The couple stared out of the open window and admired the majestic colors of the sky as the sun began to set.

“Sam?,” Mercedes whispered turning towards her man.

“Hmmm?,” he replied.

“I’m really happy we came here” 

He smiled down at her. “Me too. I missed spending time with you. And I definitely missed making love to you.” He ran his rough hands along her thighs as he leaned down and gently sucked on her neck. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation on her neck and the growing sensation between her legs. He knew exactly what this did to her.

She turned toward him and smiled naughtily. “Round two?”

He peered down at her and returned her smile, “Your wish is my command.”

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