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Samcedes Week -> Day Seven: Time Travel

All Over Again - Chapter Two

If Wishes Were Horses, Sam Would Ride

Pairing: Sam E./Mercedes J.

Story Summary: Sam’s future is a far cry from what he’d always envisioned. He’s broke, alone and losing hope as each an every day goes by but one cold, autumn day, he’s presented with the opportunity to change it all. Time Travel AU!

Chapter Summary: Sam gets an opportunity he cannot refuse.

Samcedes Week -> Day Six: Fairy Tales

Twarted by a wicked witch, the Evans family has been cursed by the moon for several years. By day, Sam Evans walks as a man, but by night, he takes the form of a wolf. The only hope he has to live a ‘normal’ life is decreed to him by the very same witch who cursed him,

The curse of the moon can only be broken when true love’s kiss joins the bravest soul and the purest heart in selfless love and holy matrimony…”

Princess Mercedes of the Golden Empire has recently come of age and the King and Queen have planned a grand ball to find her a husband. But, Mercedes isn’t ready for marriage. The day of the ball, she hates all of the young suitable princes presented to her but before the night ends, she meets a charming young man who makes quite the impression. Unfortunately for her, Sam Evans isn’t of royal blood.

Despite her parents warnings, Mercedes can’t seem to stay away from the mysterious man and before long they fall in love. Things are perfect until the princess discovers his secret. Will Sam be cursed forever? Or will true love conquer all?

Samcedes Week -> Day Five: Free Day

Samcedes Symbols w/ Quotes

i. Social Media/Twitter: “Sam just tweeted that I smell good” / “I won’t stop till it’s trending”

ii. Prom: “I just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful. Would you like to dance?” / “I’d love to”

iii. Social Media/Youtube: “I can’t believe you did this for me…why?” / “Because I believe in you and what you could become. Now complete strangers believe in you too”

iv. Varsity Letterman Jacket: “The letterman jacket makes all the girls go wild, I know”

v. 12:00PM/Time: “I think that you and Sam should spend a week not speaking to each other. No emails. No texts. Nothing. And I think at the end of that week you’ll have a much better idea of what your true feelings are…”

vi. Coffee Cream: “You ain’t no skim milk, Baby. You’re the cream rising to the top”

vii. Heart Shaped Box: “We’d never do that to each other”

viii. Tilt-a-whirl/Summer: “Okay that was fun”/ “That’s what I thought”

ix. First Grammy: “You think you’re gonna get married someday?” / “After I win my first Grammy”

Samcedes Week -> Day Four: Student/Teacher


The time Sam finally taught Mercedes how to make art.


Every attempt Sam had ever made to teach Mercedes art had resulted in disaster. It didn’t matter what the medium or materials had been, somehow it just always ended in failure.

Like last month when he decided to teach her how to do charcoal sketches…

Mercedes wasn’t happy when her self portrait ended up looking like the creature from the black lagoon because she couldn’t get her shading right and it absolutely did not help when the charcoal didn’t wash off easy. And things were certainly made worse when she kept forgetting that the charcoal was still on her fingertips because every now and then, little spots of black would appear on miscellaneous parts of her body and clothing.

Two weeks ago when they tried watercolors, it began well enough with Mercedes managing to master a quick pencil sketch of the fruit model Sam placed before her. He’d been so proud. But it all went to shit the moment she started adding paint and smudged everything she’d worked so hard to create in the first place. Frustrated once again, she quit.

Fortunately, Sam had never been one to give up on Mercedes. He knew his Baby had artistic abilities. He just had to find the right medium.

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Samcedes Week -> Day Three: Blind Date

His profile picture had certainly not done him justice because the man Mercedes Jones was sitting across from was foine!

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Samcedes Week -> Day Two: Beach/Summer

Lakeside Love Pt II

Also a continuation of something I started last Samcedes Week. I recommend reading Part I (if you haven’t) and also listening to Coldplay’s “Sparks”. Enjoy!


"Sam! I am so done with these bugs,” Mercedes whined, slapping away at her arm for the umpteenth time.

"Babe, can we please just go back to the house?" Reaching over to pull him into an embrace, she began to run her fingertips up and down the length of his toned bicep. "I could set up the pillows and blankets by the fireplace again and we could finish what we started last night…" she purred into his ears.

Turning a light shade of pink at the thought, Sam felt his heart rate pick up with the promise of sweet, tender lovemaking. The temptation was strong, but Sam was determined to keep his resolve, so reluctantly he shook his head at his seductress of a fiancée. He had plans for them first.

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Samcedes Week -> Day One: Season 4 Redo

I started writing this fic in March for the first Samcedes week I ever participated in. It kinda fits the prompt and it was due for an update so why the hell not? Under the cut for length.

From Lima To LA, Chapter 8: “I Love You”

In which Mercedes gives Blaine some advice, Sam and Tina prepare their college applications and Mercedes finally says it first.

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squealing just a little bit because Samcedes Week is right around the corner and I almost have everything prepared!!!


This week is dedicated to the relationship of Sam Evans and Mercedes Jones, also to fill the tag with all things Samcedes.

Day One: Season 4 Redo

Day Two:  BeachSummer

Day Three: Blind Date

Day Four: Student/ Teacher

Day Five: Free Day

Day Six:  Fairy tales

Day Seven: Time Travel

Rules: Tag Entries ‘Samcedes’ & ‘Samcedes Week’. (Make sure its in the first five tags, or else it won’t show up.) or you can submit something to us if you want.

Anything is acceptable: Fanfiction , Gifs, Graphics, Manips, Fanvids, etc.

If you have any questions feel welcomed to ask.

Samcedes Week -> Day Six: AU! 

What do you mean this is two weeks late?

A/N: LOL, I finally got around to finishing this thanks to Spring Break! :) I hope you guys enjoy it! I had a lot of fun writing it. Under the cut for length.

Summary: When a bad breakup leaves Mercedes in a funk, her best friends Quinn and Tina take her out for a fun night at the club. Little does she know, her favorite boy band will be playing. Mostly Tuinncedes and Spuck/Spartie friendships.

Word Count:  5440

Link to Quinn’s epic moves:

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