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Samcedes Week -> Day Seven: Nerd!Samcedes

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Samcedes Week -> Day Five: Reconnecting

Other Days: 1, 2, 3, 4

Title: Like Home [ LINK]

Characters: Sam E./Mercedes J.

Summary: Mercedes and Sam reconnect after she returns to Lima for the final stop on her national mall tour.

Word Count: 3295



Sam and Mercedes were sitting across from each other at Breadstix.

Mercedes bit her lip, and sat up in her seat.

The tail end of her national mall tour with Santana and Brittany had brought her right back to Lima, Ohio where they performed their last show. To her surprise and delight, Sam had been in the audience standing front and center waving at her when she looked out into the crowd. Each and every song, he cheered the loudest and danced the best he could to show her how much he supported her. Throughout the entire show, Sam never took his eyes off her once, nor did he when they finally sat face to face after several months apart.

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Samcedes Week: Day Four —> Friends With Benefits

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Remember when I made this? LOL well it’s relevant again ;)

Title: Stroke game, mean [ LINK]

Characters: Sam E./Mercedes J.

Summary: Sam and Mercedes have been close ever since they were kids but have never dated. For the first time ever, with both of them single (and horny) at the same time, they decide to give a friends with benefits relationship a try. Generally rated T but there’s a little M due to subject matter.

Word Count: 3250 

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Samcedes Week -> Day Three: Canon, Favourite Scenes/Episodes/Arc

Samcedes in NYC

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Samcedes Week: Day Two -> Time Travel

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ALL OVER AGAIN Chapter 4 [ Link]

Previous Chapters: [1] [2] [3]

A/N: “It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you without a new chap to read through, read through, read through, read through, read through.. fkefke”, LOL well with this prompt it only made sense for me to update this fic. I hope you guys like it. It’s been a while since I’ve touched it and I apologize. Writing multiple fic at once has been difficult but I’m gonna power through it. Happy Reading and Happy Samcedes Week! It’s seriously like Christmas in Juneeee amirite? hahaha.

"Mallory! We need to talk! Just please, please call me when you get this! Please!"

Sam hung up and ran his hand through his hair. He’d called Mallory about seven times now but she hadn’t picked up. He was still freaking out from earlier. He’d seen his younger self. There was another version of himself running around. It had been so surreal. The moment he realized what he was looking at, he turned and left the premises before people noticed and started asking questions.

How had he not considered this?

While he was completely shocked and none of it made sense at the time, things were slowly beginning to. The only problem was, he had no idea how he was going to deal with this mess.

One thing he knew for certain was that there was no way this was going to be simple.

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A week is dedicated to the “So June” relationship of Sam Evans and Mercedes Jones.


  • Day 1: Falling in Love
  • Day 2: Time Travel 
  • Day 3: Canon: favorite scenes,episodes,etc.
  • Day 4: Friends with Benefits
  • Day 5: Reconnecting
  • Day 6: Sex/BDSM
  • Day 7: Nerd!Samcedes


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Samcedes Week -> Day 1: Falling in Love

Samcedes Week -> Day Seven: Time Travel

All Over Again - Chapter Two

If Wishes Were Horses, Sam Would Ride

Pairing: Sam E./Mercedes J.

Story Summary: Sam’s future is a far cry from what he’d always envisioned. He’s broke, alone and losing hope as each an every day goes by but one cold, autumn day, he’s presented with the opportunity to change it all. Time Travel AU!

Chapter Summary: Sam gets an opportunity he cannot refuse.

Samcedes Week -> Day Six: Fairy Tales

Twarted by a wicked witch, the Evans family has been cursed by the moon for several years. By day, Sam Evans walks as a man, but by night, he takes the form of a wolf. The only hope he has to live a ‘normal’ life is decreed to him by the very same witch who cursed him,

The curse of the moon can only be broken when true love’s kiss joins the bravest soul and the purest heart in selfless love and holy matrimony…”

Princess Mercedes of the Golden Empire has recently come of age and the King and Queen have planned a grand ball to find her a husband. But, Mercedes isn’t ready for marriage. The day of the ball, she hates all of the young suitable princes presented to her but before the night ends, she meets a charming young man who makes quite the impression. Unfortunately for her, Sam Evans isn’t of royal blood.

Despite her parents warnings, Mercedes can’t seem to stay away from the mysterious man and before long they fall in love. Things are perfect until the princess discovers his secret. Will Sam be cursed forever? Or will true love conquer all?

Samcedes Week -> Day Five: Free Day

Samcedes Symbols w/ Quotes

i. Social Media/Twitter: “Sam just tweeted that I smell good” / “I won’t stop till it’s trending”

ii. Prom: “I just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful. Would you like to dance?” / “I’d love to”

iii. Social Media/Youtube: “I can’t believe you did this for me…why?” / “Because I believe in you and what you could become. Now complete strangers believe in you too”

iv. Varsity Letterman Jacket: “The letterman jacket makes all the girls go wild, I know”

v. 12:00PM/Time: “I think that you and Sam should spend a week not speaking to each other. No emails. No texts. Nothing. And I think at the end of that week you’ll have a much better idea of what your true feelings are…”

vi. Coffee Cream: “You ain’t no skim milk, Baby. You’re the cream rising to the top”

vii. Heart Shaped Box: “We’d never do that to each other”

viii. Tilt-a-whirl/Summer: “Okay that was fun”/ “That’s what I thought”

ix. First Grammy: “You think you’re gonna get married someday?” / “After I win my first Grammy”